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The Denton Community Chorus has been providing quality choral music since 1970, when we were chartered as the Denton County Music Association.


The Mission of the DCC is to educate our members in the art and technique of fine choral music and to offer this opportunity to all adults of the greater Denton area, and to provide the community at large opportunities to experience fine choral music.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to all who were a part of our May 11th Spring Concert, "In the Mood"--our audience, patrons, Board Members, esteemed Director, Tim Bergan, and St. Paul Lutheran for their hospitality!

Rehearsals are paused for the summer. Please check back here for information regarding resumption of rehearsals in August. We will be working on our December Holiday Concert.

Please join us!


This is from an interview in 2020.

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